Chinese writing and meanings for tattoos

The lion-like foo dog is a guardian spirit of protection, once reserved for high officials and the wealthy. These are preferred by both men and women who believe on the power of Chinese Zodiac signs.

25 Amazing Chinese Tattoo Designs With Meanings

A lion-head tattoo symbolizes attributes like strength and courage. This tattoo can also represent a woman who they love dearly, but was separated due to fate. Especially the names and details of someone you love dearly can be etched on the wrist to reveal your innermost feelings for them and prove what they mean to you.

Tattoo Designs Made by the Chinese: Floral tattoos are done using black as the border and attractive colors like violet and pink to stay as close as possible to real flowers. Chinese Angel tattoo if depicted beautifully it looks very gracious and look good on your back.

The former represents that person has already blown over tough times and is now on the way of his progression whereas the latter means that his life is still facing turbulences and the person is struggling hard. While this tattoo typically evokes positive feelings and brings a ready smile, some people may not take you seriously in a work environment with this jolly tattoo in plain sight.

It can be looked upon as a Chinese font tattoo. Single letter Chinese tattoos are the most commonplace of all Chinese tattoo designs. Such liveliness and vivacious attitude can be seen in their fields of work as well.

As the name suggests, these tattoos are inked on the wrists. Most tattoo parlors are not familiar with Asian writing, which can cause the tattoos to come out backwards, upside down or looking illegible.

You can either choose a classic black silhouette or make it vibrant with colors. Medium to large sized designs are the preferred sizes of this design Skin tone: Here the alphabets in the name are very beautifully tattooed on the arms.

Chinese Tattoo Symbols

One of the popular Chinese tattoos is tiger tattoo. Chinese tattoos are a modern way of expressing their feelings using carefully etched characters. You ask the calligrapher to translate your chosen word or phrase to Chinese. Back Tattoo Forming a trail of Chinese characters in the middle of the back, this design has an aesthetic appeal.

100 Beautiful Chinese Japanese Kanji Tattoo Symbols & Designs

It is an acceptable tattoo in most work places and typically evokes feels of warmth and gentleness. A scaly dragon is a symbol of protection and independence. These tattoos are done in jet black color Where: Chinese letters unlike the English ones symbolize powerful emotions and concepts singularly.

Chinese writing is way more complicated than the Roman alphabet. They are simple yet eloquent.

Chinese Tattoo Symbols

Tattoo making has also received its fair share of Chinese influence and the Chinese writing tattoos are a hit now with people from all nationalities.

These are usually worn by men. This versatile design takes many forms, from tiny flying dragons in a multitude of colors to large black dragons breathing fire.

For example, prior to the Beijing Olympics, Beckham has his torso etched in eight symbols in cursive calligraphy style. It falls under five major styles or script: Tiger tattoo represents courage, ruthlessness, firmness, aspirations, hope, self-reliance, lack of attention, care and friendly attitude.

Chinese Tattoos and Their Meanings

Its a classic form which never runs out. Single letter Chinese tattoos are the most commonplace of all Chinese tattoo designs. Dragon Dragons are classic and unmistakable Chinese symbols.

Chinese Writing Tattoos

Chinese leg tattoos are usually done in darker shades like black and brown. Chinese Angel Tattoo Angels, since way back in history, have been kept in mind with a notion that they are the messengers of God. Suitable only for light and fair skin tones. Find and save ideas about Chinese symbol tattoos on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Japanese tattoo symbols, Chinese symbols and Chinese writing tattoos. Chinese characters tattoos have been popular for many years thanks to the elegance of the characters.

Chinese characters are exotic and mysterious at the same time, perfect for a tattoo. This kind of tattoos is getting increasingly popular in Western countries. Chinese Tattoos vs Japanese Kanji Tattoos The Japanese Kanji are essentially Chinese words, the ancient Japanese borrowed and adapted it into their Nippon-Go language, thus the words and meaning are the same, only the pronunciation is different.

Dec 12,  · Chinese and Japanese Dragon Types and Meanings The Asian dragon is one of the most popular mythological creatures picked for tattoo designs.

They are a variety of different styles to chose from: winged and wingless, with snake-like features such as scales or cartoonish versions, with or without whiskers or elleandrblog.coms: If only they could read the tattoos! Why You Shouldn't Get Chinese Script Tattoos (If You Can't Read Them) has been helping readers decipher the meaning of Chinese (or Japanese*) language.

A list of the most popular Chinese characters with English meaning and pronunciation for you to use in your tattoo design. Chinese Tattoo Symbols. Chinese writing tattoos are a great choice for a tasteful tattoo.

Chinese writing and meanings for tattoos
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Chinese Tattoos and Their Meanings