Ideas for writing a shape poem

Imagine going somewhere very dark with only a flashlight to guide you. Below is an example of this shape poem along with another example of a different shape National Poetry Day is on Thursday 4 October. If you could invent a gadget, what would it do. Write about a piece of jewelry.

Randomly flip to a page in a magazine and write using the first few words you see as an opening line. Create a poem that highlights the beauty in being flawed.

Write a poem using words from a famous letter or a letter from your own collection. Take some time to sit on a park bench and write about the sights, scenes, and senses and emotions you experience.

Every child I know has been captivated and amused by the off-kilter poetic sense of Silverstein and his equally oddball illustrations.

Where Do All Your Ideas Come From?

I just presented it here for better understanding of shape poetry and how to go about writing it. Footsteps on the Moon: Write about something you think is just adorable.

After all, it's blue and cone-shaped.


Cute as a Button: Be inspired by a casino or lottery ticket. You can increase or decrease the size of your shape according to the size of the poem. Borrow a line from a famous public domain poem to craft your own.

Next, they took off the raindrop template and were left with a poem in the shape of a raindrop on their paper…a shape poem. Poems can be printed or saved for later use. Write about a pirate ship. The audio on the site helps you to fully appreciate and play along with his poetic hijinks.

He provides guidance on how to use the poems, and an example of how to read one that is particularly helpful. I posted the chart paper in a place where everyone could see it.

Write about being overheated and sweltering.

12 Best Poetry Websites for Kids - Interactives and Collections

Write a poem or story that uses dialogue between two people. Define what that word means to you. Set a timer for 5 minutes and just write. Use alliteration in your poem or in a sentence in a story. You may also hear the names: Some shapes could not be made using words without the reader struggling to follow the order of the words.

Imagine it under a microscope and describe the detail veins like a map to the roots of your lifeblood ; Describe the feel and texture soft and rubbery in summer, dry, crinkled, brittle in autumn ; Think of the sounds it makes: RhymeZone also has dictionary definitions, homophones, and letter matching Other resources on this site include the works of Shakespeare, Mother Goose poems, a poetry forum, and several vocabulary games - lots of goodies for young and old poetry lovers.

To make it easier, first insert the image of a house into MS Word best thing would be to insert a triangle shape and then a rectangle shape underneaththen insert a text box over it and paste the poem text inside it.

Write about being friends with someone. Write about a train and its cargo or passengers. Word of the Day: Write about someone who is unfaithful. The Windows of the Soul: Old Endings Into New Beginnings: And we wrote it down.

Write about staying up late at night. Take a look at your calendar and use the schedule for inspiration in writing. Instead you will spill your emotions onto the paper or the computer screen without holding back, not focusing on what the topic you are writing about really is.

Expert Reviewed. How to Write a Poem. Four Parts: Sample Poems Starting the Poem Writing the Poem Polishing the Poem Community Q&A Writing a poem is all about observing the world within or around you. A poem can be about anything, from love to loss to the rusty gate at the old farm.

While the words, writing style and literary devices all impact the poem's meaning, the physical shape that the poem takes is significant.

How to Read a Poem

Combining content and form creates a powerful poem. This is a simple and fun way to get started with poetry in the classroom, and kids of all grade levels will enjoy it. Jul 10,  · How to Write Shape Poetry There are different ways to write shape poetry One is to simply draw an image of an object or insert it into MS Word (if on the computer) and then write the poem about that object inside the drawn image (using a text box if in MS Word).Reviews: What makes a poem a poem?

is it simply a matter of taking words and writing them out in verse form and making them rhyme? Or is it actually much more than that-the use of rules about meter, form, and rhyme to create a framework for the expression of special observations and ideas?

How do you write a shape poem? think of a poem topic try to pick a topic that can be supported by a shape (abstract ideas might be harder to use) draw an outline of the shape (you can keep the outline there or delete it later) How do you write a shape poem?

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arrange your words within the shape (they can be just within the shape or outline it. cinquain (SIN-cain): an unrhymed poem consisting of five lines arranged in a special way.

Planet Graceful, ringed Spinning, whirling, twirling Dances with neighbor Jupiter Saturn. A cinquain is an example of shape elleandrblog.come of the exact number of words required for each line of this poem, a unique, symmetrical shape is created from interesting, descriptive words.

Ideas for writing a shape poem
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